From a Herbalist’s Perspective

Our bodies are all connected by overlapping systems (Immune, Gastrointestinal, Urinary, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Nervous, and Musculoskeletal); everyone has their own unique lifestyle, how they move, what they do, what they eat/drink etc, and certain routines have been developed over time in order to get their body and these overlapping systems to their current state. When one or more of these systems starts to function out of balance, is when complications and diseases develop.


My treatment plans consist of lifestyle recommendations focused on specifically designed nutrition and exercise for each client and are supplemented with powerful herbal remedies. The herbal remedies are also designed with the same root pathology in mind and are individually crafted for each client.

Remedies will change over time as the body transitions back to a holistically balanced state. The goal is to eventually stop taking all remedies, and get to a point where each client maintains a healthy balanced body/mind/soul through a lifestyle based on mindful breathing, movement and consumption.

I will work and compliment any and all pre-existing and current Doctors and medical regimes.

In essence my goal is to

Avoid simply suppressing the symptoms,

And instead, slowly bring balance to the body by using natural treatment protocols designed to treat the root of the problem.

This way, over time the body can restore its own healing powers, as it returns to homeostasis.

Why herbal remedies?

A review of current available medical remedies reveals the fact that the common theme is to isolate certain specific chemical compounds and then concentrate them. These scientifically touted super chemicals are then combined with a short list of other chemicals in order to sustain potency and a longer shelf life.  

Why does no one acknowledge the fact that these isolated chemicals are actually powerful constituents taken from plants?

In my opinion it is safer to use the whole plant, as isolating certain chemicals circumvents the protective effect inherent in plants. By extracting from whole plant pieces we as Herbalists greatly reduce the chance of side effects. Plants have an immense list of chemicals, many of which we do not know about. All of these chemicals are necessary in order to keep things balanced. To make things even safer, we formulate each remedy with a mixture of many synergistic plants. This dilutes the dosage of each plant and exponentially lowers the risk of side effects.

Premier Quality

For my herbal remedies, the quality of the plants must be of the highest level. As such, I am working with a world-class herbal clinic and dispensary, located in Toronto. They go to extreme lengths to ensure the plants are properly cultivated, both at peak potency and according to ethical standards. Many of the herbs are locally wild-crafted and tinctured fresh to maximize their actions. Being extremely thorough with regards to sustaining natural practices, all remedies are guaranteed to contain zero irradiation or genetic engineering.

In addition to the plants being of the highest quality, so are the raw materials used for the menstruum. Pure ethanol alcohol is used to ensure no allergens are present, (i.e: wheat, corn proteins etc.). The water comes from a granite-based aquifer; providing thousands of years of filtration, resulting in the highest level of purity.

Each tincture is hand crafted and adheres to detailed empirical specifications taken from herbal texts such as: The British Pharmacopoeia, The British Herbal Compendium, King’s American Dispensary, The United States Dispensatory and Coxes American Dispensatory. Herbs not listed in the texts are subject to extensive analysis of constituents, in order to determine the best extraction procedures.