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My treatment plans are designed to bring balance to the lifestyle via recommendations involving breathing, movement/exercise/stretching, diet/nutrition, and stress management. Herbal remedies are then used to support the whole process.

What to expect from a consultation


At the heart of my treatment plan is the search for the root pathology of each client. This is accomplished through an in-depth intake analysis, comprised of detailed questioning and testing in clinic, followed by differential analysis of results based on a medical science perspective.

In my office we will do a full intake, which takes about an hour, in order to discover the unique patterns of how your body systems are functioning and working together. It is then possible to develop a theory for the root cause of disease, and create an individualized plan.

Things can change but they take time. That’s why I am in it with you, as we will slowly implement recommendations and make changes towards a direction of a more balanced holistic lifestyle.


Initial intake: $75/hour

Follow up: $40/half hour

Formulas: extra, individually based on consultation process


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